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What workshop participants are saying

The following comments were made by those who experienced improv training. They were made either in business offices, conferences, classrooms, or teaching sessions.

Bill Prinzivalli’s improv session helps any organization hone their communications skills which are essential when interacting with colleagues, prospects, and clients. We are all in a relationship business – that’s how work gets done. Sign your company up for Bill’s program and watch barriers come down creating greater understanding between individuals.

Jonathan Rosen

 and CEO of Collaberex

Bill Prinzivalli’s Improv workshop taught me a lot about how I listen to people, but more importantly, how people perceive me during a business conversation. Going in without knowing what to expect, I came out of Bill’s session with a new awareness on how to engage with people by not just hearing the words that were spoken, but understanding the emotions behind what they were saying. A great exercise that will benefit me for years to come.
Jon Horovitz

Founder and Lead Consultant, Atrium Unlimited Consulting

Bill Prinzivalli’s Improv workshop taught me how to be a better listener and “co-pilot” to whomever I’m working with. I also feel I learned a new way to be more intentional and authentic in my daily conversations. Learning how to identify the “be honest with yourself about your real emotions” piece was a great skill learned that I’m grateful to have taken away from the workshop. I fully believe this will be able to help me show up more authentically and deal with difficult situations, conversations, and clients much better in my business. 
Alexandra Reilly

CEO, LadyBoss Global Media, LLC

Bill’s improv workshop helped me to listen with empathy. It’s so easy to be thinking about my own contribution to the conversation instead of listening for both verbal and tonal clues to really understand what the other person is trying to say. The improv trains you to listen for clues in tone and body language to truly understand what people are saying. This is an important skill for me and Bill designed exercises that made learning it easy and fun.

David J. Haas CFP®

Owner, Cereus Financial Advisors

Bill, through his improvisation approach, helped me to be a much better listener and to make better connections with the people I meet. Bill has really helped me in my networking efforts.

Frank P. Turner

Founder and Managing Partner, Interpeak Consulting, LLC

I am now less afraid to communicate directly and authentically.
New York, NY

I was amazed by the exercise where someone said one thing but meant something totally different. I experienced that exercise as the giver and receiver, and it impacted me. I now understand that I need to listen more deeply – to the true sentiment under the words.
Hackensack, NJ

I was delighted to see how conversations go more smoothly when I am more accepting of the other person.
New York, NY

I didn’t think empathy had a place in business, but I now see its value.
Stonybrook, NY

In many conversations, people talk AT each other without really connecting with each other, and the conversation is frequently flat. When we were guided to make eye contact, I actually “felt” the other person and the communication was so much better. I see that a real connection is a critical part of a good communication.
Stonybrook, NY

When I did that scene with John, he was asking me to do something inappropriate regarding a report we were doing together. I didn’t want to do it and I repeatedly said no to all his pressure. It was very tough and I wasn’t sure I could do it. But I did. And I was happy to learn that I can set a boundary when necessary, even though it was very difficult.
Madison, NJ

I was amazed that conversations are much more effective when speaking in the client’s language.
Stonybrook, NY

Listening is key. I always want to talk and give my point of view, in business (sales) and at home. But when I do that, it’s tough for me to focus and listen to the other person. I guess I have my agenda. But I see that when I do listen, I better understand what’s going on with them and we have a better conversation. The talk may not go the way I planned it but it goes better.
Philadelphia, PA

Mistakes are okay, and even normal, as long as I speak to them and learn from them.
Edison, NJ

Working together is much easier than competing with someone.
New York, NY

I frequently feel like I’m talking into the wind, and I’m very uncomfortable not knowing if my words landed. This happens at home and at work. I finally spoke up. Once I understood that I WAS truly being listened to, then I felt heard and more comfortable to speak again. Less stress.

Paramus, NJ

There is constant change and sometimes chaos – clear communications and trust go a long way to a positive conclusion.

Darien, CT

I’m so used to saying no to my employees and shutting them down. I’m slowly changing to really listen to them, and I see that there’s better teamwork that way.
New York, NY

I now understand that I must listen to the sentiment under the words, and not just believe the words as spoken.
Madison, NJ

I was amazed at how difficult it was to look somebody in the eye when speaking to them.
Philadelphia, PA

I realized that I have trouble sticking up for myself. I just want to be a nice guy and have people like me. The next time I have a potential confrontational situation, I will get some support.
Madison, NJ

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