Improv workshops to increase your organization’s performance

Our workshops focus on the problem your team or organization is experiencing and create custom solutions by utilizing the principles of improvisation. 

Why us 

Merging organizational insight and the science of improvisation

Our trainings are not just improv exercises and not just business consulting. We merge business consulting with dynamic communication techniques and improvisational principles to provide a customized solution for your company’s specific business problems.

Our Approach

  • Clarify the core challenges – listen deeply to the requests and issues beneath the requests.
  • Determine an optimal solution – likely a mix of business advice, communication trainings, and improv principles.
  • Implement the designed program and exercises to address the problem.
  • Provide a comprehensive program and feedback for further development.

Our Capabilities

There are many organizations that perform business consulting. Some are large with long-standing reputations, and some provide predesigned templates to solve a variety of problems.

What sets us apart is that we believe in custom solutions designed to address specific challenges each company is facing. We have always entered an organization with a wide open mind, listening to the issues and problems, and creating custom solutions. (In that sense, we improvised solutions based on our vast experience.)

Interspersed in our solutions include various techniques of dynamic communication of relationships with individuals and groups. For example, we have studied, and been certified in, various communication training and protocols including the Voice Dialogue intensive training program.

To further enhance our capability, we have, since 2012, acquired direct experience in improvisational training and performance, performing in various New York locations including the Jan Hus theater, the Producers Club, and The PIT. We are now integrating related components of improvisational principles and techniques, including notable improv exercises, into our previous experiences in order to achieve an even more robust solution.


Unique improv workshops designed for your team

Our improv training program is designed to boost your organization’s performance. Each workshop is tailored to your specific business needs and requirements.

We provide a free consult to discuss your situation/needs and to determine what training might be appropriate.

Examples of such training would include the following:

One Day Workshops
In this workshop format, we would offer a day of training consisting of a 2-3 hour training of improv principles, followed by a lunch break, followed by 2-3 hour application session.

In the morning session, we would review and experience basic elements of relaxation, connection, deep listening, acceptance, and authenticity. In the afternoon session, we would engage in various practical improvisational exchanges, highlighted ultimately with improvisational scenes of real-life business situations.

Workshop Series

An initial one-day workshop followed by a 5 session program to ensure that the training has been absorbed as fully as possible in that span of time.

Individual Training

Personalized training for specific team members that require additional or specialized assistance.

A customized program is designed for each individual. Another participant might be invited from time to time to “spar” with the individual receiving the training.

Client Testimonial

Bill Prinzivalli’s Improv workshop taught me a lot about how I listen to people, but more importantly, how people perceive me during a business conversation. Going in without knowing what to expect, I came out of Bill’s session with a new awareness on how to engage with people by not just hearing the words that were spoken, but understanding the emotions behind what they were saying. A great exercise that will benefit me for years to come.
Jon Horovitz

Founder and Lead Consultant, Atrium Unlimited Consulting

The Workshop

What one-day improv workshop is like

A day of training for your team, consisting of a 2-3-hour morning session, followed by 2-3-hours of afternoon experiential scene creation.

Morning Session

Prep Class

Morning session consists of a prep class where we review and experience basic elements of connection, deep listening, acceptance, and relaxation.

Afternoon Session

Experiential Scene Creation

In the afternoon session, we will engage in various practical exchanges, highlighted ultimately with improvisational scenes of real-business situations.

How it works

Applying principles of improv to increase company’s performance

Better communication leads to overall organizational effectiveness


Your company will benefit from improv training

Better communication

Improved social interaction

Increased team performance

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