We are honored to be a part of the Metaphysical Center of New Jersey (MCNJ) premier consciousness online program called Journeys. This extraordinary program highlights a variety of expert wisdom teachers who provide you with 30-60-minute video presentations on a variety of consciousness and spiritual subjects. Please sign up at https://www.metaphysicalcenterofnewjersey.org/journeys/ to hear these learned and mystical practitioners.

Our presentation is entitled, “Improv to Improve Leadership and Consciousness” and will discuss the use of improvisational principles and practices in both your personal and business life. Although improv is fun and frequently comedic, the essential principles promote consciousness and are quite spiritual, as they promote positivity, authenticity, deep listening, giving to your partner, depth of connection, self-awareness, inner relaxation, managing fear, clear communications, and choosing a path of growth. We will describe the process, principles, and benefits as applied to your personal and business environment.

Please join this free online summit with 18 masterful spiritual teachers from the MCNJ Journeys program by registering at https://www.metaphysicalcenterofnewjersey.org/journeys/.