What is Conscious Based Improvisation

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Merging organizational insight and the science of improvisation

Our trainings are not your typical improv comedy workshops. We take principles of improvisation and apply them to solve your company’s specific business problems. They will positively affect your company’s internal and external communication, which leads to increased effectiveness and overall performance.

Enhance communication

Increase effectiveness

Optimize performance

What is applied improv

Applied improv is not comedy or standup performance. It is an application of improvisational principles to enhance your company’s internal and external communication, increasing its overall effectiveness and performance.

What applied improv is NOT

  • performing 
  • comedy
  • standup routine

What applied improv IS

  • application of improvisational principles
  • improvement of team communication
  • increase in company’s effectiveness

Who/what it is for

Enhance internal and external communications

Sales teams

Customer service departments

Leadership skills

Interdepartmental communication

Client Testimonial

Bill Prinzivalli’s improv session helps any organization hone their communications skills which are essential when interacting with colleagues, prospects, and clients. We are all in a relationship business – that’s how work gets done. Sign your company up for Bill’s program and watch barriers come down creating greater understanding between individuals.

Jonathan Rosen

 and CEO of Collaberex


Improv training offers multiple benefits to organizations

Organizations can flourish with the application of improvisational training. Your team members will become better listeners, more effective communicators, confident presenters.

Better communication

Improved social interaction

Increased team performance

Unleashed creative problem solving


Improv workshops designed to help your organization grow

We offer a variety of workshops and trainings designed around the needs of your team and/or specific individuals.

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